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Your views on Dua zehra case ?? Frankly speaking she is the most unluckiest daughter in the world who is celebrating his victory over her own parents by putting them into state of misery.

laibaKhan72’s Profile PhotoLaiba Asad
For fuck sake get a fucking life or develop a fucking brain y'all. Y'all talk about human rights, women's rights now when a girl makes a decision about her life y'all got butt hurt. Grow some conscious maybe.
Let me ask you something, why didn't her father let her study? He admit getting her out of school 3 years back. If her parents were so good they would accept their daughter's decision and let her marry whoever the fuck she wants to marry. They don't own her, she is not pet, she is a human who has every right to chose what she wants for herself.
I know for a fact if that boy was a little charming y'all would have been on his side. That boy earns more than y'all who are commenting on him.
Her father was proven to be lying in 3 different courts yet y'all still gonna go after Dua Zehra. That's why I say get a life. Let people live.
And this is not just for you, it's addressiny every single person who has a problem with Dua Zehra.
And tbh it's look more like her family doesn't want her to marry in a sunni family, especially when you sit on a news channel and say that; I went to mosques and they refused to announce her name as a missing person because she had Zehra in her name.

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Joint kra do🥵

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Skinny boys, gym boys and now you want joint. Therapy is so expensive that I avoid seeing a therapist for my own issues but for you I'll pray, just see a therapist I'll pay for it, you really need that.
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Life was good when I was 20. Then it got bad then it got better again . And Now I am stuck again .. I want to go back to time when I was 20. I want to undo somethings I want to re-live some moments. I am not liking where I am now. This heartache wont let me live.

I can relate to that but I think the moment we accept what's gone is gone things start to get better to some extent but it's more difficult to fill voids and idk if we can ever fill those voids.

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If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life. What would it be?

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I can already eat very few things so won't matter that much, I'll go with steak, probably medium well


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