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Which animal is protected by law there in your country? 🤔

Nawaz Sharif and his family? and the Zardari family? Also the military establishment? First two are protected by law, aur MashaAllah sy military is above law.
Ps. In case I disappear after this, you should know to call my uncle, uncle bajwa, yes.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, What would it be?

Boys there have no idea what they are talking about. Firstly, when you say vending machine, should the fast food restaurant put it themselves or you're saying why can't a third party do that. But in both cases, the issue is profit margin. I'm not in this kind of business but I have a few people who have hotels in Gilgit and all. Secondly, about a year or two back I was listening to an interview of some guy who owns most of the Burger King in Pakistan, I think he was the same guy who got it in Pakistan the first time. He has a few more restaurants too in Islamabad, I can't remember names anymore but one was fine dine. He said the most profit that we make is from beverages (that might be in terms of margins not sales), now I don't know too much details into it but as much as I understand business after 8 years of being in business, I would say it has something to do with profit margins, because fast food restaurant buy at low prices from whatever brand they are selling or from wholesaler and sell it slightly above the market price. In the case of KFC and many other fast food chains they do offer cans and bottles but as far as I can remember McDonald's doesn't. Reason being they make the drinks they serve at the restaurant. In the case of McDonald's they get supplied with the syrup that they have to mix with water and add that carbon dioxide, they make it on-site. One reason might be that it tastes much even every time you get it and second is profit margins. I don't remember the price of a medium glass of coke but I think it's over Rs130 and it's not even 500ml, you can get a 500ml bottle for Rs60 I think. You could work on vending machines in other areas like malls and other busy spaces but I think another issue would be that people won't know how to use them. I have a friend who is also my business partner. He recently started working on vending machines and ATMs in the US...

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So this man told me to not msg on WhatsApp and then blocked me but we keep chatting on messenger and yesterday he told me he fave his password to his family so don't msg me here too and instantly blocked me from there tooo Ughhhhhh what have i done to be treated like this🥺🥺🥺

Well, he is probably feeling guilty over something

Did it happen to you that you found among photos in your mobile picture you did not take? 😱

That's my photo, and that's my name too, but I never created this profile, and I don't even know what this website it about. Idk where they get this stuff from, bots work well I suppose.
Did it happen to you that you found among photos in your mobile picture you did

1 am thoughts?

I have a question.
Recently there was a post on Instagram that everyone was sharing.
"When men lose temper, women lose life" something like that.
Do y'all realise that when men lose temper men lose life too? I mean statistically spending men are greater victim of violence. So what I don't understand is why it has a be narrative against men, it's same as when y'all don't like if Islam gets blamed for something a Muslim does something wrong.
Men are responsible for the car you drive or travel in, they invented it, they build it. Men are responsible for all that comfort that your house provides because men invested literally almost everything in that house and they built it too. Men are responsible for the food you eat because it's men who grow than food, and then bring it to markets, and sell them and it reaches you most of the time in comfort of your house. So please don't start a gender war by narrating everything in a specific way, and that too intentionally.

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