Ask @w3_Shaheer:

Do you fear your thoughts/thinking?

I was, once. When I was young and reckless.
Then I learned to forgive people and revenge was no longer sweet.
I learned to not respond to people who haven't reached very far as a human, who haven't experienced biased and manipulative nature of humans, people who couldn't realize they aren't very different from everyone else. People who haven't fought, who haven't grown, people who are still reckless and tactless. People who haven't experienced any loss and had no achievements. I learned to not respond to them.
It's peaceful keeping a distance from shallow people.

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When you need advice, who do you go to?

There's one person, just one person who sees right into me, idk how but she kinda always surprised me and it's weird how she knows. And I think she can tell more about me than I can nowadays, it's like she looks at people and she see and knows everything.
It might be odd but I've kept screenshots of all her compliments and when her Instagram is active I just message her if I'm feeling "lost". She's a little weird too. Acha sorry Eesha. But idk how you know me, I never had to explain much to you and you figured me out. You're one of very few people I would like to have coffee with even 10-20 years from now, your opinions matter a lot to me.

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When you need advice who do you go to

Why do you look constipated in your display picture smile more

To everyone who says oh you're skinny, you look like this, you look like that. Firstly FKYOU. Secondly y'all going to hell for this (I hope not). Thirdly I will wait for karma to get you. And lastly I'm sick you dumb fks, I lost a lot of weight, I've been sick for a year.
Ps. It's not for whoever sent this question (': it's a general statement but whateva!

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Do you think these people who get viral overnight by just making some lame,weird and Useless stuff, deserve that much fame and attention?

Muhammad Ahsan Farooq
I won't comment on what someone deserves but just yesterday I was talking to a friend. We were discussing the same thing. I as a business person invested so much and yet we don't get much appreciation for our achievements. That's that.
I can work without recognition because my work is like my passion, it's my escape, it's almost everything for me but everyone is not like that. People expect recognition, appreciation and when they don't get it they start to give up on things.
I hope we recognise our hard working young entrepreneurs, they need support and appreciation.✌️

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Do you pay attention to the material your clothes are made of?

A lot. Mainly because I've been involved in manufacturing, from leather to denim to cotton. So I know things, I know composition and blends of fabric and know how much leather or denim is required for a jacket or for a shoes. I know which weight is ideal for jeans, shirt or shoes.
Most of the time I don't but clothes just because of material and price.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention I know how much all clothing items cost.

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What are your favourite subjects to talk about?

So I have been looking for young entrepreneurs, business oriented people age between 18 and 29.
Kinda want to build a community that will assist others or at least have regular gatherings/events where we can discuss ideas, business, economy, politics, business strategies and all that stuff.
But can't find anyone with same mindset as mine, someone who does business for fun and not for money and all. It's not about money, it's about doing what is difficult, what most people can't do.
Yk for me it's all about being able to get something done that 99% can't, and business gets me excited, it's like my play ground. Gives me adrenaline.
But people here are so shallow, so quick to judge, so quick to feel insecure, so quick to feel vulnerable.
Just want something positive in response.

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