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Desi food or fast food?

afiyah_khan’s Profile Photoعافیہ
To be very honest , Ammi k hath k banay Hoye
- Koftay
- Kabab masala
- Biryani
- Haleem
- Hareesa
- Nihari
- Egg fried rice
And meethay mein
- Custurd
- Kheer
- Russ Malai
- sawaiyan

everybody looks okay until you eventually have a deep conversation with them...

just_stranger_’s Profile Photoمريم
Trust me You are lucky if you have a bond like that !!
There are alot of people out there whom don't have anyone to talk about this.
Be glad to what you have and try to help anyone who need help. ❤️
Liked by: Talha Moon مريم

Yeh coins kesy milty hain?? Koi bta dy, meharbani ho g.

Shizagul’s Profile PhotoShizagul
For what I think , Jab answers post kartay Hain uskay Baad ad ata hai usko dekhein gi tou coins milay gaye !!
Otherwise ap buy bhi kar saktay.
Liked by: Talha Moon


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