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Do you think we’d be better off without social media?

rachelmyriehopp’s Profile Photomyrierahel
Yes. The concept of community would still be relevant tbh. Like, I miss being able to wave at my neighbor without feeling weirded out b/c no one socializes anymore
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Can you remember who you were ، before the world told you who you should be?

Ployalty’s Profile PhotoFinal velocity
I remember clearly now. I was someone who was highly active and overcame obstacles. My ADHD was seen to be my only "downside".
I feel foolish for letting my peers push their ideas onto me growing up.
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What is the rudest customer you have ever dealt with at work, what happened?!

kebri4’s Profile PhotoKe Bri
Big ol' lady came through our drive-in. I was the only one working (6 days a week), and had a small wound on my wrist. It didn't bleed or form a scab - she told my manager I was disgusting and requested I get reprimanded.

Why is it that no matter how good you can be to someone you believed to be good to you they were nothing but an issue

Only if you let them.


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