Ask @wanchi_c:

don't know if u still reply to asks but I am really confused about the actuarial science course. There are many mixed opinions about it online and what scares me the most is the many misconceptions thr r. What is your opinion on the it? Can someone average in maths pursue it? Thanks!

please pm me, would love to talk in more detail :)

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hello wanchi may i ask how tough actuarial science is and is it boring ? Im actually interested in taking this course hwever im afraid that im unable to cope it well. And may i know what subjects did you take in A levels ? Thankyou and all the best in London 😊

Haha I haven't started the course yet so idk sorryyy .. I took maths , further maths , econs and physics . I dropped physics after AS because even though I was okay at it , I hated it 😂

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Hello Wan chi! I'm a fan of yours from Brunei, congrats on getting A*! I would like to join your school, KTJ for alevel next year. I eldy checkup the website but it's still confusing... How much is the school fee for each month of urs? (Just wanna roughly know the price) do help hehe

Wow brunei !! Ahaha thank you 😄 KTJ doesn't charge us by month , they charge us by term (3 months) , I'm sure the website has updated their fees cos mine was back in 2015

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