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are you indian?

my grandfather is, but I'm a Malay

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Hello, may i know where are you schooling at and the course that you studying in uni?

I got accepted into SIM and I'm taking UOL degree in Accounting and Finance :-)

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How to over your ex?

I'm sorry I dont rly know how to ☹️ my only advice is to slowly let it go and focus on healing urself. surround urself with positive vibes. and dont u worry, love, cos good things are coming ur way. fight for ur own happiness bcos u deserve to be happy 💖

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Have you been up to no good?

no lah, I'm good. this question was asked about a year ago so if ure still wondering, I just graduated and I'm waiting for school to start :-)

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hey Wanie, do you know any nice (but halal) eateries that my boyfriend and I can go to on our anniversary?

get the Burpple app :-)

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hi wani (: my boyfriend's birthday is around the corner but i have no idea what to get for him ): what do you recommend?

hello! it depends on ur budget (if u have any)! i recommend getting him something that is wearable. mm... like clothes, a shoe, or a watch? just pay attention to what he 'asks' for!

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Aren't u bored of being the same person for years already?

try asking ur parents!!! ;-)

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Humans defend themselves when they're in the wrong. U need a cup of wake the hell up.

ure pathetic and i think u need a cup of shut the fuck up ;-)

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because happiness start with you

got it ;-)

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No. Cuz mine starts with U... :)

also can :-)

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Hah. Do u pray then?

it has been stated that, "ikhlas means that u do not request anyone to witness ur action except Allah, and that u do not seek anyone to reward u (for it) except Him."

salamah bin dinar also said, "hide ur good deeds (from the people) just like u hide ur evil deeds".

and in a narration in al-bayhaqi, "hide ur good deed like u hide ur evil deed, and do not be delighted with ur action, for u do not know whether ure happy OR wretched (in the Hereafter)".

do i still have to answer u? :-)

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My friends tell me that happiness starts with an H but they're wrong. You know why?

cos u dont know how to spell???

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For stealing my heart... :)

you're adorable when you smile with teeth (;

HAHAHA saj!!!

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Darling, you're adequate. While dancing. While speaking. While ugly crying. While struggling. While fighting. While laughing like a lunatic. While slamming the door & walking away. In every little crook of you stands some sort of adequacy that the world will keep you unconvinced of. <3

Thank u kind soul :-) May god bless u with all of the good things in life <3

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The police are coming for you btw... :)

HUH whatever for?!

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Girl ur brother talk so much about girls not wearing hijab but he forgets that he has a sister that is not wearing one too.

everyone has his / her own opinion. my brother thinks that a girl should put on complete hijab when she reaches puberty - ready or not bcos its a must and NOT a choice.

ure wrong. my brother always asks me to cover myself up, pray five times a day, and put the hijab on. in his attempt to make me cover myself up he said, "i envy women. unlike men, they get to enter the paradise easily. the Prophet said, "if a woman prays five times a day, fasts during Ramadhan, maintains her chastity, and obeys her husband, she gets to enter paradise" and that is how much Allah loves them but they disobey him anyway".

i do not like how u address (???) this matter to me. u dont have to pull me in just bcos u dont agree with him. unlike him, i'm afraid to 'tegur' people bcos i'm not an angel or a saint. i'm a sinner but i'm always trying. (my brother is not an ustaz but he believes that muslims should help each other out when it comes to being a better person)

i dont know u but thanks for 'humiliating' me. like i said, i'm a sinner but i'm always trying :-)

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Hey :) I seem to have lost my contact number. Can I have yours?

Are you in your final year already? :)

not yet!! i'm currently in year 2 :-)

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What course are you in?

BZE (business process and systems engineering)

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I masturbate while looking at your pictures, stop me.

i dont have any revealing photos of myself. ure either making things up or sick in the mind. help urself:

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Ish...can like qns but cannot answer me...:( Do you love your cats? Who behaves better?

sorry!!! yes i do!? i'm like obsessed with them HAHA

i think oreo behaves better only bcos snowy is playful all the time. other than that i think that the both of them are clingy!!! so clingy that i cannot study at home. they ALWAYS follow me everywhere i go and sleep ON TOP of my books! they also like following me to the toilet HAHAHA i always see their faces when i open the toilet door!!! the other time i got out of my lift, i saw two little heads popping out of the window looking at me!!!! HAHAHA ok can this is a lot of not needed information but yes, i LOVE my cats so freaking much!! i mean... just look at these idiots

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Gurl it's obvious that's the reason why. ;)

i love how ur brain works!!! ok la u win la ok??? i lose

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your snapchat?

irwanijohar :-)

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You love your bf cuz he got car right?

"if u cant say something good, say nothing at all" :-)

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