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So how did you get in to manga? Did someone recommend it to you? Did you just happen to see it at a library and go "oh what's that"? What happen?

Haha... Well this is a little funny. I was just so happen to be talking to someone about this today...(are you by chance them?). So I got in to the world of manga funny enough through comics. A certain comic to be exact. It all started when I saw "Scott Pilgram" in a library display case. From there I went on to read all the volumes(awesome story with way more depth then the movie) and then it just kind of happened. They happened to be in the same place as the manga and I just continued on in to it. Which also lead to a spike in my anime watching of wanting to compare manga to their anime. Like "Fruits Basket" for example. As good as the anime did... the manga is way better :3 (same with host club).
If your looking for an old manga check a library near you. I've noticed they normally have all the old classics as well as other old stuff. Hell you may even be able to score them off them for cheap :3(*cough cough*)

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So I've always wondered... what tools do you need to get in to scanlation.

Well.. that's kind of open. What part? If you're say a translator. All you need is something to write scripts. So Notepad, Word, Openoffice, Google Docs, Wordpad, etc...
Proofreaders just need to be able to open and edit the format scripts are in and view image files.
Cleaner / Redraw would require image editing software of some sort such as Photoshop, GIMP(free), Paint, etc....
Typesetter as said for Cleaner/ Redrawer. So Photoshop, GIMP, etc... you could even use Paint if you want to add text to your images.
Scanner needs to be able to either obtain digital raws or scan them in. When scanning this is what I use. I have just a plain knife(blue thing) for cutting pages out, wire cutters for clipping the binding on magazines that have staple bindings(this allows me to just pull the pages apart instead of have to cut out each page out), a mini paper cutter which I use to cut apart pages(when you use the staple removal method you'll be left with the joined pages so you need to split them for scanning unless it's a spread page then I normally leave them together), and lastly a scanner. I just use what I have. I'm not a very fancy person it's just a Canon MG6320. I'm sure scanning is a lot easier if you had a tray feeder that scans both sides(Such as
Well... really all you need is a way to get pages on the scanner... so you could just press the book against the scanner or cut out pages with a knife(though I find mags with staples to use really thin paper so they rip easily)... I guess if you really want you could just use your hands and tear each page out carefully. Then no need for a knife.

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