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So uh Nahla has been pretty sick lately. I'll make a long story short and say it's not looking good so pray to the doggie God that she gets better or at least can go peacefully and that we don't have to make the decision to put her down because I just can't fathom that. My heart is broken and I just wanted you guys to know because I know you love my baby.

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Q - I withdrew from a chemistry class twice. Do ya'll think I should retake it again and try to get like a B or A bc they might replace is even though now I don't need to take that course? I also really need to get my gpa up to at leas a 3.0 but I think after I retake 2 other classes it'll go up?

If you don't need it then don't retake it lol.

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professors are so interesting. either they're really cool or they're petty like that

And sometimes they're a mix like that teacher of mine because I thought he was gonna be chill and understanding especially considering he gave me permission to take responsibility test and knew beforehand that I was taking it but then he had to be like that.

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i freaking sent my professor my lab bc i wasnt going to be in class and he still gave me a 0 like wtf???

Omg I can't stand when professors do stuff like that like they think that just because they're the teacher they can do whatever tf they want. This semester I had two assignments due during one class but I scheduled a state exam during that class WHICH MY TEACHER ALLOWED ME TO DO so the day before the test I emailed him one of my assignments but the other one had to be signed by someone so I said in the email "I have attached the one assignment but I'll bring the physical copy of my other one to your office right after the test tomorrow since it's signed" and he emailed me back THAT NIGHT and was like "thanks but that assignment is due by 8 am tomorrow" like FOOL okay 1) he should have emailed me sooner if he wanted me to turn it in by morning 2) he KNEW I was taking the exam!! 3) he knew the assignment was DONE 4) I thought I was doing a GOOD THING by saying "I will legit run this to your office RIGHT AFTER my test" but noooo he was all "THIS IS DUE BY 8 am" so OF COURSE since my test started at 8 I didn't have time to run it to him and I did as I said I would and put it in his office RIGHT AFTER and he gave me a 14/15 on it just because of that like have you ever HEARD of anything more passive aggressive...he took ONE POINT off because it was "late" lmao like boi.

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