Ask @wearileigh:

What is your reason to keep fighting and survive?

I love this question; thank you for asking it.
1.) Though life may now be full of terrible experiences, the world is full of beautiful things.
2.) People care about me and depend on me.
3.) The possibility that I may be able to do or experience things I really want to sometime in my life.
4.) I have a lot in my head that I haven't yet created.
5.) It hurts, and it's tiresome, but it's an adventure all the same. Right now, I'm too curious to quit. On the schedule, I have different appointments, tests, PT--some of the things are scary, some of them provide hope. I want to stick around and see what comes of them.

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How do you behave with people you don't like?

If I don't like a person, it's always because of how they act, not their opinions, but I'll challenge their behaviors and tend to catalyze arguments. I become combative and am always on edge.
However, I try to avoid people I don't like if at all possible, do my best not to take bait, and nowadays am more mindful of my environment and the people around me (so for example, I'm not going to contribute to a family row on Thanksgiving).
Please note of course that just because I disagree with someone or argue with them sometimes doesn't mean I don't like them.

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If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

That's a good question! It would be a really boring read right now but I hope that some day it can be an exciting story of growing through illness and traveling the world, creating wonderful things, being a jack of all trades of hobbies and skills, but okay okay that's not the question--
I could spend days thinking of a poetic and symbolic title but for now what I can think of is A Flower Bed. Or maybe An Ocean Bed.

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Tell me about your flaws ?

Easily anxious, inconsistent with activities, doubtful—of self, other people, everything. Avoidant of problems, quick to give up on things, and I often tear up from any emotion. I have maybe one talent but nothing else. Unrealistically idealistic. I have a lot of love and passion but hardly any active or artistic outlets for it.
To be fair, some of these flaws are because I am so often and easily exhausted.

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