Ask @wearileigh:

why do landlords tell poor people to get a job when owning property is not even a job?

Why do landlords tell poor people that it's too expensive to get rid of asbestos and then fly off to France for a month long vacation? Why do landlords blame old problems on current residents and force the poor people to either live with it or scrounge up funds to handle a problem they didn't cause? Why do landlords say, "Haha that's not mold! Btw I'm increasing your rent by $80 :)"? Why do landlords never give back the security deposit, even when you didn't cause any damage? Why do landlords--

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How creative are you?

SωεεT† ɮᴇℓℓล
I think I can safely say I'm quite creative when it comes to storytelling and problem-solving--or it may be less creativity and more critical thinking?? Then again they're not mutually exclusive but idk I'm overthinking this one lol
Maybe what I'm trying to say is that I'm very creative when there is a problem to be solved, and problems of creation that rely more on critical thinking/analysis/etc than physical talents are typically the easiest (and most fun!) for me

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