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Whats the best hair company you ever used

I don't have a "best" hairby belle Bree is good as well as sheenas hair emporium and Pocahontas luscious hair

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how often do you get a perm/relaxer ? and what relaxer/perm do you use?

I perm my edges every 2-3 months and my whole head 2 or 3 times a year

How did you get your closure to look so natural in your video entitled: "Closure Upart Installation: Closure Wig"

Depends on how fast you sew and I didn't do much but tweeze my part

Can you put your hair in a high ponytail w/ your closure? And where did you order it from?

If I installed it that way ... I have many different companies

I'm looking for a good closure which company would you say has the best kind. And which on is better a silk closure or a silk base closure?

I've only had lace closures. Queen Weave from aliexpress is good

what is the name of the hair u just posted on ig? and how long is it

Virgin hair by labella Brazilian deep wave longest length is 26


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