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What are the benefits of SEO and Blogging

Blog and SEO – The Benefits
Everyone starting their blog wants it to grow and to be successful. But to make sure your blog is successful it needs to be seen. The best way to do that is to optimize it for search engines.
Search engines are notorious for their use of keywords and making sure that you have enough can make or break your blog. Depending on the topic that you are writing for your blog needs to include keywords for that topic but it also needs to take into account what the user’s intention is while searching. New designs with search engines take user intention and help refine their search. This means not only just the keywords but the synonyms to those keywords, so planning out what words you will use will help. Google has a handy tool for that called a Keyword Planner which helps target searches with a high volume rate. But don’t let keywords stop you from writing to your audience. Your users should always be your first priority because they won’t keep coming back if it feels like it is intended for a search engine instead of a person.
Your headline is the first thing your readers see and it will be very important for search engines to find you. When you are designing your headline it needs to be unique and describe your content as accurately as possible. If your headline doesn’t stand out, it’ll fade into the background and if it is inaccurate then the people who need to see your article won’t get to see your article. Value is also another important part to a headline. Your article’s title should reflect the content and imply the value of what you are writing. It should also draw them in and be intriguing, otherwise they won’t click.
URL Description
Another important part of writing to get the attention of a search engine is your URL. Your URL is the link to your site so it should reflect the content that is in it. If your link name has some of those keywords that we have mentioned before, it will help the search engine identify what is in it.
Meta Matters
Your meta description, the tag on your HTML that tells what your site is about, is the long-term way of keeping search engines to recognize your blog. The meta description helps set what your blog is all about and also lets your users know what you intend on talking about and gives them the heads up. Just remember that the meta isn’t everything and most of people’s opinion about your content will actually come from your content.
Blogging is becoming a big part of people’s lives and presumably your life if you are reading this. Making sure that people can reach your site will help it grow and reach new audiences and writing with the hope that search engines will find you helps make sure that happens. Keep these tips in mind and your blog is sure to grow. This article about how and why you should blog was brought to you by the leaders in Web design – . Lilo is a web design agency in the heart of London.

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