Ask @weirdoinpink:

Hi! I saw that you own a Kanken backpack. Is it worth to buy?

It is! Kanken Classic makes a great everyday backpack, weekender bag and traveling companion. Love how it perfectly packs 13" laptop, books, water bottle, light amount of clothes, snack, and some gurl stuff (pouches, flat iron, etc) with no hassle. Ampleness + versatile design + durability = 👍👍👍
I spent a month on deciding which color to buy though...and ended up with Frost Green (instead of Blush Pink). Also a tad worried that people will view me as "typical Tumblr kid".

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Cool? Oh come one you're exaggerating. You know what's cool? Your blog is.

You write bizarre stories about outer space, keep a good track of world history, understand difficult economy thingy, encourage people through relationship advices and type in proper EYD. That is cool :)
So, the pinky-ness of my blog doesn't put you off...? My blog is far from cool, it's full of shameful things I refuse to delete....(please don't scroll too far)
Maybe we have different interpretations of the word 'cool'.....

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If you have to choose, do you prefer a partner (1) who shares your interests, or (2) who shares your sense of humour. The former means more intellectual discussion, but s/he might not laugh at your jokes. The latter means more laughters, but s/he might dismiss your intellectual interests as silly.

Ergh.....this. I had an argument about this EXACT thing with my latest ex when we broke up.
I've been always crazily longing for someone whom I can share my deepest interests with, since forever. It'll be simply frustrating if my partner just stares into distance while I talk about Monet's haystack paintings or overused typefaces in menu books (sorry if this sounds pretentious). If I'm already aware that my partner will never be into what I'm into, I'll unconsciously have this barrier built between us - soon I'll keep everything to myself, become so secretive and we'll always run out of things to talk about.
While he thinks that interests wont last forever. I don't agree... I mean, we're not talking about our monthly top 10 playlist. It's about a ground that shapes us.
So, (1). He chooses (2), tho.

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Cc jess, happy new year! I don't know if you still check the app or not, but I wish you to have a great one :) anyways cc jess, I was wondering what kind of paper do you use to print your artworks? and how do you print them? Hehe thanks and sorry if I bother ._.

Hehe it's July already! I submit my artwork files to digital printshop to get them printed. I'm based in Tangerang so it's not difficult to find them here. I mostly use art carton.

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