Ask @wersterlobe:

TwitchPlaysPokemon is a pretty cool experiment but damn does it really become a clusterfuck when the viewers reach the thousands. You watch any of it? I just luckily caught them beating Misty.

No I'm not going to watch, it doesn't interest me at all, it's just some stupid thing that people are like "look this is bad XD" that I've gotten 200 interactions on twitter and now like 20 questions here about. Kind of annoying

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My friends and I have been running Blue/Red and Gold/Silver (up to E4), and decided to make ourselves a better challenge - we're making all trainers except triggered ones (like rivals) not [!], so you have to choose which ones to fight for exp. What do you think of our idea?

I don't even know what this idea is, but it doesn't sound like speedrunning so idk why you are asking me

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