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Latest answers from wersterlobe

what do you think of twitch plays pokemon . have you been participating in it / watching it ?

Sick of hearing about it, no interest, stupid

Favorite hair colour on a girl?

Different colours work for different girls, I don't really have an overall favourite

what makes a "smart" person in your eyes?

This is not the true definition, but to me there is a very distinct difference between being "intelligent" and "smart". Intelligence to me is more book smarts, whereas being smart is more about life smarts, which is hard to describe but it basically boils down to not being an idiot >_>

Considering a college education at all? Or just entering the workforce straight up?

Unless I really really really really REALLY have to, I'm not going to college/uni

TwitchPlaysPokemon is a pretty cool experiment but damn does it really become a clusterfuck when the viewers reach the thousands. You watch any of it? I just luckily caught them beating Misty.

No I'm not going to watch, it doesn't interest me at all, it's just some stupid thing that people are like "look this is bad XD" that I've gotten 200 interactions on twitter and now like 20 questions here about. Kind of annoying

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