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I don't really care about any drama in speedrunning, but you have to realize by now that you are a controlling person when it comes to pokemon speedrunning. Did you ever notice that most of the general "rules" of pokemon speedrunning are justified by your own personal preferences?

This, I don't disagree with. However, if you've realised that much, maybe you've realised how many idiotic, dumb, single-minded retards are out there, and I'm not going to apologise for keeping them out of the decision making process by showing them just how stupid they are when necessary

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Tips for the HSC?

Depends what part you're at. If you're at the tests, don't waste all your focus studying. Study as much as you need to, but keep your main focus on actually doing the tests, that's the only place you need your A gamme.
If you're at choosing the subjects, make sure you choose good ones. I did 4U Math, 4U english, economics, chemistry, and physics...chemistry wasn't that great but I'd definitely recommend all the others.

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why is it okay for you to nuthug but not for others ? (saying "I LOVE YOU 2STOP <3" is nuthugging. saying "good run man its nice to see you go fast" is not). why is it okay for you to spam ads and beg for money but when other streamers do it there are sellouts ? (don't dodge these questions pls)

If you had read my previous answer you'd know why I love 2stop so much for getting that run, and thanks for taking the time to enter my mind and take the tie to figure out the exact process I went through to come to posting that I ove someone after they actually achieve something (nuthugging is the process of warming someones nuts at all times, especially when it ISN't warranted, eg; "Don't worry about it Trihex you're the coolest guy anyway you don't need WR to be my #1 TriHard")
And uhh, I've never said playing ads is bad?? (spamming obviously is, but idk anyone who spams ads) and I've never begging for money literally what are you talking about? This is like the worst banter of all time, it's just literal sperging over anything and just shitposting about anything pls get better ;;

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Since y'all been jamming rusty steel pipes up my ass about getting happy over celebrating a new record in a well recognised speedgame (which is... idk any other fitting word other than pathetic) how about you realise the main reason I'm ecstatic? 2stop didn't come within a stone's throw of the record at any stage, he lept right over and beat it in one go. You know what that means? I never have to hear any bullshit about exactly how much time Turbo saves, and which run is actually better and I never, ever have to hear "Non turbo WR" or "SRL WR" or "Turbo WR" ever fucking again. So crawl right back up the spew infested lake you come from, and actually enjoy speedgaming a little bit more after the events of today instead of being a cynical fuckhead you has to spin everything into shit.

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why do you like pokémon?

The world. The whole world.
Pokemon, especially when I was growing up, was incredibly immersive. I didn't just play the games, and watch the show. I lived them.
Part of that was due to the huge spectrum that Pokemon hit. They had the games, they had the show, the had the manga, and they had a plethora of side game that appealed to every single sense of your being to create a full and complete world. I've talked about them in the past in relation to this type of question, but I credit a lot of it to the Stadium games.
You could watch the show, and truly believe in a living world. That by itself may not mean much, but then you play the games, and the world is all about you. And then you can transfer your work in that world into a complete stadium and see it in 3D models in front of your eyes. To a young lad growing up, that's pretty amazing emotionally
And, you may have gathered from this stream, the music. The music... sometimes it's just great music, sometimes it's about a message, sometimes it's hella corny, sometimes you just like it because it's incredibly bad, but it all has one thing in common. It makes you -feel- and very powerfully so in some cases as well. Just look at the reaction of everyone when the first season Pokemon theme came on. It is so powerful, it truly makes you believe that the world is there and exists.
I'm a big ass pokemon fan, in my mind I can't imagine alone who likes the series more than I do. I remember a lot in high school I would sit in class just building teams in my notebook, writing down movesets and items and all the rest of it. But they weren't always to actually battle with in the games, no these were teams I would make to use for myself in the real world. I used to tell my mate all the time "I can't wait to battle Ash", and he'd just reply with "I know dude, me too". I'm not crazy, I have no delusions that the world is made-up, but the believability of the world through the emotional connection it gave is phenomenal. As a credit to it, to this day, the easiest and most common lucid dream I have is being entered in a Pokemon tournament and going through all the rounds and becoming the champion. The second easiest starts off with me leaving Pallet Town at the same time as Ash and Gary. And I keep repeating those dreams in slightly different ways too because I love them, they are not just easy but they are the absolute best too.
To answer your question in one line, I don't like Pokemon. I love Pokemon.

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