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{I saw someone else do this} You have one day to do anything and go anywhere with me and money isn't a problem, What're we doing? ☺️

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Assuming wanted to do anything with me, also assuming nothing would go wrong, I think we'd be traveling across the world, staying in various hotels motels or apartments over night, and doing whatever we felt like doing during the day, if we wanted to stay in and watch movies we would, if we wanted to go out we would, I dont know you but I'm sure a trip like that we would at least learn each others names, and I think itd be fun.

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Do you play Xbox? What's your favorite game?

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I play playstation, I'm gonna get a computer some day, and I dont know my favorite

I was stupid thinking that I should be ignoring other men rn LOL. silly what a girl does when she thinks a guy can be a man and text me from his actual phone instead of an app. A guy she liked. You can fool my soul into liking you but I will always truly feel this way. Broken & hurt & over it.

How did you send it anonymously I disabled anonymous questions.


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