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Get back on ask dude!!

Then ask me an interesting questions

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Do you beleive In soulmates?

That's my soulmate #onlyfriendiknowisthisdamnguitar

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Lol wiki says keaton is a virgin

Everything that wiki says is absolutely correct even if he's not lol

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The new EP is so reggae I love it A+ guys!! Who inspired these amazing songs??????

Thanks! You guys are our inspiration

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I eat poop

Bon appetit dude

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Do you believe that u can marry like italian girl or russian or anyone whose mother language is different than yours? justify!


Well that's probably difficult. But who knows? Maybe my future wife is now in some Italian or Russian city doesn't even know how hot her husband will be

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do you remember your first porn movie?

The first porn I saw or the first where I starred?

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They have big fat boobs

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When r u gonna release a new album

Next year I guess

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When is the new music coming out?! I need some now!

Samezies. I'd give it to you now but I can't. We wanna release a few songs before the end of the year

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Do fishes pee °•° ? weird question right , but seriously do they??? love you xo

Ali Plante

I just found out they do pee so actually you swim in the fish's urine

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Dude your little brother is growing up, he's 18!! How do you feel???

I still can't believe. He's a big baby now

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Wesley is very hot.

He is

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Do you recognize fans when you meet them

They're like hey Wes I'm a fan haha so yeah

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I don't think emblem3 is gay at all and I'm a dude too, no one makes fun of me Or anything and I have a lot of friends idc what they think, emblem3 is amazing and Wes you're super fresh keep up the amazing work man

Yo you got it !! Thanks man ! That's important to me

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What is your favorite thing about performing in front of emblems?

You know when we perform we have a special connection and energy with every single emblem. This feeling is amazing, I can't even describe it. See these beautiful faces in front of us means the world to me

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can you list some dope bands that sound just like emblem3? i'm a dude and i love the indie rock/reggae style but i don't know any bands and i feel gay listening to emblem3... srs

Dude what the heck man !! Nothing sounds like this (I hope so) lol anyways listen to us

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Would u ever marry a emblem??

I'd LOVE to marry an emblem !!

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I'm your biggestttt fan and I love you so muchhhh.

elizabeth vernon

I love you more

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Have you meet Big Time Rush? Describe 'em in 3 words :)

Big. Time. Rush

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Selfiee pls ily ur hot

me and my friends are going to start a band....what do we do first?

Find your own style

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If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be?


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What's ur snapchat name?


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When you call girls "Sweetie" it freakin kills me ♡_♡

Why sweetie?

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About Wesley Stromberg:

What up, my name is Wes.. I'm in a band called Emblem3

Huntington Beach