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just got into bed (: had to shave and do some things so i can feel confident tomorrow. my whole mood is how confident i feel about my appearance.. which probably isn't good but i'll work on it. goodnighty beth (:

you never told me this before. i could dissect it and write for 1/2 hour about it, but i will save it for another time. .

(I'm curious what "other things" are but afraid to ask)

you will make the day incredible because that is what you do.

so....until we can find each other again....(i will prepare myself for a longer time than usual)

my no parentheses feelings towards you should be known by now

and i will give you a few hundred " :) " mentally now, just in case i don't get to over the weekend

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i know (: i already read them earlier (: do you do that? i didn't think you would go there that oftenπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

it felt good to get things out..i might find myself there more often. just don't take it badly, please? i will do it like i used a form of my journal. but i know in my head every word i write is a word that i need to be okay with you reading at some point. that is total trust of you on my part. i think it's a good thing, that i have that much trust in you. (it is a huge trust is very important to me)

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okay then.. i love you (:

didn't mean for you to say that to me without the parentheses
i would never ask you to say it, let alone tell you how you needed to say it. please. say it how you feel. not any other way

i probably meant it as me saying it back to you, without my typical parenthesis..i get that way when i am sleepy or comfy with how we are. but i don't want it to cause problems or make you feel like you need to say it to me. it was an issue during our last conversation and i don't want it to be that way again..

i need to have better trust in feelings that we have towards each other. that they are stable and unwavering..hoping they are more of a constant and not something that i sometimes feel will fade or die is hard to comprehend a constant in a world of variables and change..

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you realize I knew I would find the answer to who had won the game last night by coming on here? I knew you would have a reaction, either way. so I don't even have to look it up...your answer says it all.

I must have fallen asleep pretty early, as I woke up before 6..

it was a comfort I felt this morning, remembering how we talked on and off for awhile last night. it made me feel very close to you, like we were sharing the game, even though we weren't in the same room, it felt like it. someday...

i wanted to clear up that sleepy answer i gave you...i meant i might not be able to talk to over the weekend since i might not have my laptop..or be in a house all the time, i'll be at different will be close to hburg, but not sure what day. it will make me feel many different things I'm sure....

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goonighty πŸ’œ sleep tight and sweet dreams (: ((i love you))


no pzeentjesis

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go sleepy beth (:


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aw ): that's okay we can talk again probably saturday πŸ˜‹ i'll miss you too but you'll be on my mind a lot 😁



wrote yoj long enrey..bur it can waifr rill latee
soooo sweepy

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this is exhausting πŸ™ˆ


seey on side// cant stay wake

will miss u ;(

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yes πŸ™ˆ and thank you ((:


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finals are over ((: completely bombed them but it doesn't matter because i will pass the class anyways with a 50% on the final.

I am sure you're just happy its over...all of it..done.

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well i don't want to make it seem like i'm yelling when i give you those πŸ™ˆ

I wouldn't mind yelling...

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they are !!

uh huh...

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i'm gonna have stress acne for prom tomorrow πŸ˜…

ohhh...that's tomorrow?
youll be handsome as ever
have a good time

I'm gonna finish watching this...

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my gosh...I don't even get an all caps 'ahhh' from you after a story.. can't imagine what you were feeling when you said that

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the senators are getting so lucky ):

spoken like a true pens fan

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I thought murray was doing a better job than fleury the last few games.

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this up too stressful....we can talk later when its over or....I guess some day next week??

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i'm even happier now (((:

yeah...i felt pretty foolish saying that, hitting answer right as they scored much for my theoryπŸ™Š

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because i am talking to you πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‹


it has been awhile

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no i like talking ((:

oh my.....spoke a second too soon!!!!

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power play !!!

im not a big believer in that having a power play makes you score more often..

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i feel like a kid that just got a big ice cream or stuffed animal or something at a carnival ((:

first..i would think you feel like that a lot..haha

second..but why??

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i don't think we'll have a problem finding something to talk about πŸ˜‹

hmmm...we'll see...I'll let you finish watching.. It is stressful!

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hello πŸ™ˆ

you being shy tonight?? like that old profile pic you used to have... silly shy grin..

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(: x100

meltyπŸ’œ. (x100)

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