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De toutes les façons, je veux te faire un modèle unique. Souviens toi de ce b , isa.

That’s the wrong color

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So how can we practice religions like Christianity and catholicism and all the others that place Jesus on such a high pedalstal when Jesus was a jew shouldn't all religion be Jewish then if Jesus really was the lords son I mean to be the son of God he must be practicing the correct religion right.

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Don’t play dumb

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N'oubliez surtout pas qu'il a supprimé les éléments d'une tentative de kidnapping depuis mon gsm en ouvrant celui ci par attaque http sois un sniffeur. Tout sa pour protéger sa copine dont sa famille a namur a voulu me kidnappé.

Aren’t we a bit grown for pig Latin?

So when ur not out and about doing things you start shit up online to pass time huh and you troll AmITheAsshole forum on Reddit and god only knows what other

Give me a second let me run off and check the insults you have in store for me there…promise it will only take a second

How many people get pissed off when a show gets canceled or removed ?

Kills me they never finish the story, like it wasn’t even important to them, telling the story, it was just something to get attention for the advertisers.

Park the car for her, hold her hand when crossing the street. Surprise her with Starbucks. You know it’s the lil stuff that matters.

Donuts too the little chocolate ones!

I miss you

I don’t know what to do other than get this place done and try to find some thing for work that works with me. I miss you so much, I don’t want to be just a memory to you. I want to make you happy my love.

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All these boys on your wall every day trippin over their own ducks. Idiots, all of em. Unlike those primitive savages, your man here has mastered using his duck as a tail, obtaining the optimal sense of balance, enhanced by improved thrusting potential for maximum user satisfaction!

Funny 😆 a tail?? Can he hang upside down from it?

hi sloan, i saw your messages and wanted to say i love you and think you are so cute. i would love you ti come to another one of my concerts!!

You do have a lot of names popping up in that head of yours


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