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I need help guys i fall in love with that person who doesn't care about my feelings but my heart isn't ready to accept it I want to move forward but I can't I don't know why 😔 I should be thankful if you give me a good suggestion cause I really need it

When you know he doesn’t care about you, just delete his number and everything related to him. Keep yourself busy. Do things that you like and achieve your goals.
You have so many things to do in life khud ko zakhmi ashiq na banayein. Shukria.
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I was fighting with my boyfriend that he sleeps early and doesnt care about me, he slept during this fight 😶 is pyaar ko kia naam dun?

You shouldn’t fight with him for not giving you time. He has to deal with other things too. Make him feel loved even if he gives you 5 minutes in a day. Dont make him hate you.
Understand him and this will lead to a happy, healthy relationship.

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Well being a girl.... My dad used to hit me during my childhood. Even juton se lol. Does it affect your self esteem as an adult?

Im sorry that you’ve been going through all this lekin ghar se bhaag jana is still not the way to escape.

Ek boy ap ko cheat kr ra ap k samny dousri girls sy close ho ra or ap ko ye b keh ra shadi tum sy hi krun ga tu kya krna chaiya

Being close to girls doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you. First thing you need to do is;Trust your partner.

Bhag jana kesa hy ghar se? jis ghar mei apko value na di jaye? toxic mahol ho? And you are independent financially.?

Phir bhi bhaag kar apne maa baap ko takleef na dein, try to sort out things
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I hope you end up with someone who plants calm love. Someone who acknowledges your feelings, listens to your explanations, and stays kind even after a misunderstanding.

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