your ex is not to be trusted she aint loyal but thats none of my businesses tho

Look ur lurkin ass u must want her to cum on my ask to tell me bout her... lol i guess u da same person thats on her ask tlkin crazy shit. I laugh at yall lame as bitches... cuz i kno where we stand nd her loyalty is wit her not me cuz we not together. But if u jump on my ask again nd bad mouth her again, im cumin for u.... CLOWN ASS FOOL

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What are you most excited about right now?

That im finally working toward my goal. Which is makin Dominque happy

bahahahaha yall made for each other I know the truth amh

Wat u kno shawty. Ur mad or nah look mika my bby nd i be damn if i let sum random as bitch, cum for her look who r u. Ur a clown nd bored nd stupid ass fuck bye girl. U must tried to bag her nd she turned u down. Look chill shawty cuz if u want this static u can have it

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