Ask @wildhairoldsoul:

If you could teleport, where would you go?

Home <3

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Do you have a lot of respect for vegetarians?

I admire their determination! But I don't like the ones who would be all up in your face about how eating meat is bad. Or the kind of vegetarians who would apply the same diet to their kids or pets.

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Which are you: very fun or just immature? What's the difference?

I don't even consider myself as a fun person. I'm a rather boring one. I do fun stuff, sure, but not ~fun~ in a sense that I would be sociable.

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Hi! Hmm. are you gonna resign when we move to moa?

I haven't thought about it yet. Maybe? But NOT because of the movement itself. It's just that this job doesn't give me time anymore for my other hobbies and interests. I'm not yet sure.

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whatdid u like about gelo?

He's different from all the other men I dated! He's a really sweet guy, and my family loves him. <3

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Are you a shopaholic?

Yes, I'd like to think so because I can be a very impulsive shopper. I mostly buy gadgets, clothes, and makeup. Rarely shoes.

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What can spoil your day?

Things not going as planned, especially at work. I won't be able to think if my agenda isn't organized. I would probably lie on the floor and groan all day.

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How many people do you consider your "best friends?"

I only have 1 best friend: Sugar Baula.

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How many games do you have on your phone?

ZERO. I'm a boring phone owner. I download more lifestyle apps. I had Tetris before, if that counts! Haha. And I am planning to purchase those GTA games that are around $5 each, although the price already sounds ridiculous to me.

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What would the world be like without religion?

Probably a better one. Imagine a separation of church and state, love for all genders, and parents teaching kids how to be a better human than sticking with what's on the bible. If we think about our religions less and think about humanity in general, the world will be a whole lot better place to live in.

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About Gigi Jamero:

I am a vodka in a teacup and a late-blooming wanderlust. I love indie music, daisies, anything boho, and coffee dates.