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Are you guys still dating?

Well, we never officially ended it but we both saw other people and the last thing I said to him was "They're sending me away" and then poof shipped off to Utah, now I'm back and he's not in the best condition so things are extremely complicated....

It's not at all about you being gay and I thst your repeated excuse you're further making yourself look bad kid. It's weird as fuck everyone thought so. Watch key and peeles video it will teach you something

That was the only time I used that as an excuse, and it's not an excuse. If you don't want your dick to be seen by everyone on twitter then why would you screenshot it from an account with 30 followers and post it on one with 700? Exactly

Xander and Alex are so immature. All you didn't do anything mean, if anything you were nice.

Exactly! Like haha sorry I thought you were attractive, oh no I'm so awful, I have a boyfriend anyway so it's not like it even means anything?

I don't even know you all I've heard all day is how weird what you did was. Stop playing it off like it wasn't because you took a picture of my friend from his account, zoomed in on his penis and tweeted it. Stop playing it off. You're making yourself look more embarrassed than you already are

I did? And? People are acting like I "exploited" someone but if that was the issue then it wouldn't have been reposted. The issue is that it makes people uncomfortable that a gay guy thinks a straight guy is hot and that's pathetic. Even if it is because exploitation Alex Negash has no right to be posting anything about me, and Xander should be able to deal with his problems himself and Alex should fuck off and stop trying to make me look bad for favorites, he only has any issue with me because I thought it was weird they did rates so sexually..... I will continue to do whatever I want without the advice of some ugly kid who spent his whole high school life social climbing, just like they can continue to do whatever they want without the advice of some bitchy gay kid.

Stop fucking exploiting xander

I wasnt? Again, that picture was posted on instagram and twitter before I got a hold of it

Why did you tweet that picture of Xander.. Why couldn't you have just looked up penis on Google and tweet that

Hahahahahaha! That picture was on instagram and twitter. That is how I got it!!!

r u friends with justice and Her crew?

love justice, and id say im friends with them but im not like in their crew


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