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so is vaporwave considered strictly musical by the content creators, as opposed to the more audiovisual aspect that most people seem to view it as?

This is sort of a weird question to answer, since it depends on producer to producer. But I like to think of vaporwave as having a strong audiovisual component. I personally think we need to define some characteristics for a musical definition though. I find it a bit odd that we mostly define a musical genre with a non-musical definition. And it's not for the purpose of setting a clear line between vaporwave and not-vaporwave, it's more for having a starting point for all of us to work off of. The visual component is more Glitch art and photoshopped surrealism compared to just "wow look at my sweet keyboard" on r/vaporwave.

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So, what was the inspiration for your transition from vaportrap to various more ambient/avant-garde works?

J.D. Lee

Well the simplest answer would be I got sick of making trap beats for months on end. But I mean my composition output has always been varied and I can never stick to one musical thing for too long. A lot of newer windows material (my track on the oscmob comp, elemental 95 comp, e.t.c.) has been more in the mindset of just not limiting myself compositionally. The internet EP was more of an experiment to blend those windows/computer sounds with beats but for my DC album it was about expanding the songwriting to a grander scale and incorporating avant-garde elements. I've been influenced by John Cage before I even started windows; his techniques and way of thinking have been present in a lot of windows tracks, including my DC album. I've just been more upfront with my avant-garde recently.

Also windows is my most popular alias, I usually like to reserve aliases for certain styles (to a degree) but since more people listen to my windows output it's more exciting for me to keep all of my listeners on their toes of what they can expect from me musically.

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How do you usually find yourself listening to music? Do you have a routine for music listening or anything you like to do while listening?

Usually I put the album on my phone and listen to it on my recliner. I'll play around on my phone when I'm listening but for the most part I like to focus on the music. If I'm just in my room on my laptop I'll listen to music on my phone too but I can end up easily distracted.

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Today is Women's Equality Day! Who do you think is the greatest woman in history?

Judith Butler is pretty swaggy

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Is there a story behind your profile picture? What is it?

It's my baconwave cover ffs

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how present is the whole "Anti consumerism" thing in vaporwave right now. and how present was it in the first place. and do you know anyone who makes music specifically with that idea or a similair one??

Honestly I can't give you a definitive answer, vaporwave has been taking off in so many different directions and I doubt all of them have an anti-conumerist/capitalist stance. I think what made early vaporwave so appealing for an anti-capitalist interpretation was the appropriation of capitalist media/imagery (pop music, muzak, elevator music, e.t.c.) into a new aesthetic experience. Combining Japanese and unicode characters, corporate textual features (the trademark and reserved symbols for one), and unoffensive muzak all can lead to anti-capitalist interpretations, even if the intentions of Vektroid or Daniel Lopatin weren't exactly that. Vaporwave has critiqued capitalism (internet club is the biggest example, and he has said outright he wanted to do “something very Debordian, about how this capitalistic society has generated a dehumanizing hyperreality by focusing on infinite generation of ideals as shown through commodities.), but it can comment on a plethora of different ideas as well. MEGACHURCH (S/T record) is a look at the megalithic structures of megachurches and how their viewpoints are telegraphed and composed. OVERGROWTH by Oscob and Digital sex is about the slow transformation of the environment into technological living spaces. Even something like ルートバックホーム by remember is all about moving through a contextual space, not worrying about the destination, only the journey it takes you. So it's hard to make a sweeping claim about the anti-consumerist themes in vaporwave.

Now my own music is a different story. Originally, there wasn't any inherent (or coherent for that matter) thematic decisions when it came to my music as windows. I've always hinted at things like corporate identity, the recontextualization of commercial music (or as Marcel put it: the new Utopia of commercial revisions), and the "big data" information on the internet as well as it's linguistic structures. But it was never solidified as something like Now That's What I Call (which is a direct statement against copyright and the fragility of pop music). That doesn't mean Marcel's or your interpretation is invalid, I never thought what the creator said on a subject is final (Barthes' Death of the Author, anyone?). I usually never form my music around the philosophical/political implications of it, it mostly starts out with the music itself and then has meaning applied to it. MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS was just a collection of 2 recordings that I spanned into 3 tracks, but when I made the project I did want to comment on some things. Like the globalized commodification of transportation, the intrinsic busyness of airports (and what that's like aurally), the almost simulacrian experience that's advertised by airlines, as well as flipping Eno's record on its' head, sonically and aesthetically. My overarching point here, is that your own interpretation of art is more important the original intention of the author when it comes to discussing it. It's always valid.

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Who is your favorite nephew?


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If you could eliminate any word from the dictionary, meaning no one can ever use it again, what word would you choose?


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What are your opinions on the people who is in the vaporwave community but doesn't actually make vaporwave?

Most of them don't really bother me or anything. There's some cool people on twitter (s/o to Fami, Nathan, and Natalie); but I think some of the pages that just post relics of the past for nostalgia reasons get annoying. If vaporwave is suppose to reflect a certain nostalgia, I think the best kind would be a simulacrum based one. One that doesn't reference a real, "original" time, but rather a "real" (in a Baudrillardian sense) one.

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Windows 98 ft. YUNG BAE aka Dallas Cotton?!?!!


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If you could live on another planet, which would you choose?

Whatever planet Ash Koosha is from

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what tape did you not mention

favorite videogames? : ^)

This is probably going to be a weird list, I don't play as much video games as I use to but:

- Super Mario 64
- Super Mario World (Best Koji Kondo soundtrack)
- Papers Please
- Covetous (flash game)
- Dys4ia (originally a flash game, now on
- End of Light #8 by Cassie McQuater
- Minecraft
- Luxury $imulator by Rebecca Merrill
- Yoshi's Island

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What's your favorite music genre?

Chopped and SCREWRLD

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would this be on your monday playlist?

This is the only thing on my playlist I'll ever need

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death's dynamic shroud.wmv. Amazing track on constant repeat. Is that is a asteroids, space invaders sample, but highly edited and slushed around? great idea!! it works very well! gives it that etheral cosmic vibe

It's the main stemmed beat your hear in the beginning but with a bitcrusher and some delay added.

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When it comes to Vaporwave. certain tracks are slowed down or extreme repetitive loop sample.(example NTWICM) which can span sometimes over 20 mins. Yourself included. My question: Is it a making a statement on the music industry or commicerism in general, or is just you artist screwing having fun

Well with Now that's What I Call, that was explicitly about the culture surrounding copyright and the commoditization of pop music (and really, just music in general). If we're talking about vaporwave in general my interpretation of the earlier works is a mix of appropriating capitalist art and chopped and screwed techniques with an aesthetic that's reflective of an imaginary nostalgia. With Windows I try to appropriate the older Microsoft/globalized tech imagery while contorting it to be almost rid of nostalgia. I'm not interested in my music being a warm nostalgia sentiment, in most recent cases I feel nostalgia is being exploited by media companies in order to get you to buy their product. It's why Star Wars is getting another reboot, along with other 'beloved franchises'.

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When are you going to produce dial-up vaporwave?


I use a bit of dial up sounds on my インターネット reissue (getting released on Null Religion Records soon).
I think NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD beat me to it though.

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Windows 7?


I actually use Windows 8

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What made you put "wave" with your name?

Eh it was just something I use to solidify web links. The の character can mess with things sometimes so I just though putting "wave" at the end would signify who I am a bit better. Since I make vaporwave sort of

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What are you looking forward to the most right now?

All of my physical stuff coming out, it's going to be a tsunami wave of releases.

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