why does it seem like you love to shared, but not over shared your work...Is it due to being fastly put together concepts or prototype, and or you dont want others to steal you work or credit? It almost comes off as mysterious as if a glimpse of your thoughts without really getting deep into it

J.D. ----Dernyn
That's a good point, maybe you're onto something here. This is how I see it: I try to write as concisely as possible, without obscuring too much relevant information however. Those interested in the topic will hopefully still be able to grasp my point, and no-one will get at tl;dr moment.
A few of my blog posts, for example the microwave dish direction detector, were left as mere concepts and so I never elaborated on them. Also, I'm not very keen on releasing source code for a hobby project - the code was usually written in a haste, would be very non-portable, and thus I would have to turn down many requests for support due to lack of time. So I just write a blog post in hopes of being able to share the fun part of my adventure.
I've been thinking of possibly making more educational posts in the future, and I do have some as drafts. However, I'm a bit more perfectionist about them, as I see teaching as quite a big responsibility.

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