We are in the information age, but often it seems the information is scattered within so many different realms...when you do research, is the a specific process or method that you used to ease the gathering of information?

J.D. ----Dernyn
I use Google for research a lot. I come up with an initial search term and see what it brings up. I may open some links into background tabs - but not all of them. Preferably these would be sites that aim for concise presentation of information, like Wikipedia and Stackoverflow. Unanswered forum posts and autogenerated spam pages can be quickly ruled out. It may be useful to click or search for PDF files only (filetype:.pdf), as these are often of scientific articles, or under a specific domain (site:wikipedia.org).
Also, talking to experts or expert-level hobbyists is often very effective. Generally people you'd expect to know more about it.

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