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My left eye today seems to get blurry every so often and randomly. When I went to get my eyes checked, everything came back fine except for the fact that I now wear glasses but this blurring comes and goes randomly. Have you ever experienced this or had this happen on some days?

Yea, welcome to getting old

Whats the best part of your routine when you first get up to start your day? ☺️

heating up my water in the tea kettle

Interview with a vampire is easily top 10 vampire movies. Of all time. Lol. That little vampire girl made the shit a weird, but that one scene at that vampire theater 🎭 on stage, when the vampire’s ate that lady in front of everybody, was sick. Wbu, what’s ur vampire movie?

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lost boys, blade, blade 2, underworld movies, queen of the damned, wes cravens dracula, john carpenters vampires

It’s raining here, it’s nice and I have this dim lamp light and the rain pitter patter lounging. What you doing ?

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checking some personals and logging off


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