Adakah anda rasa yang IcebabyG itu comel dan berbakat dalam penulisan ? - anonymous

Amboi soalan.
Okay Ms Anon. (Awak pompuan kan?)
To me, Jia is a very cute, passionate and talented writer.
At times saya cemburu sbb Jia selalu ada idea utk fanfic baru sementara saya dekat sini pulak...Malas. Muahahahaha.
Okay, xlah malas sangat tetapi ttp mls. -.-
So konklusinya: Jia is a good writer. :)
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Are you going to update Heir of Hearts someday? I loved that fanfic so much :(

Probably not.
I could give you a full blast summary of what would happen tho. Lolz

What are your values and are you being true to them?

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sejak bila pandai english?

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Biasa2 jelah :p
English I berterabut lagilah. aahahahahaha.

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