Kenapa pilih Sehun sebagai watak utama untuk ff La Tahzan ?

Hurm...Kenp ya?
Knp bukan Baek? Sbb hari sy dh mati dgn Baek.
Sy pminat BTS tpi susah nk hdup skiranya sy gunakan watak bts. Awk blh kata yg sye gunakan Sehun utk target readers. Ye lah, pminat Sehun kan rmai XD
Bsides? Bff sya bias dia Sehun

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Are you going to update Heir of Hearts someday? I loved that fanfic so much :(

Probably not.
I could give you a full blast summary of what would happen tho. Lolz

What are your values and are you being true to them?

Honesty and loyalty - Full blast Hufflepuff there.
I don't consider myself putting up these two at its suppose highest, but I do value the traits very much.
I tend or try, not to bend the truth and I also try to be supportive etc. But alas, I find myself getting bored very easily.

How do you usually express your emotions?

By talking about it.
What you see is what you get...
most of the time. idk.

sejak bila pandai english?

Eh? Pandai ke? /slapped
Biasa2 jelah :p
English I berterabut lagilah. aahahahahaha.

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