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why not? cter ash best ap...gaya bhsa pun ok...ap yg mnybbkn ash rse xnk? soaln maut tu..hu3

uhu, mmg soalan maut.
Sejujurnya, Ash xnak libatkan diri sgt dlm hal2 camnie. Diri sendiri pun x bagus sgt, apa layaknya pergi decide kebaikkan crite org? Okay, mmg ada unsur hipokrit kat situ yg hanya sstengan org yg akn fhm but still...
Lgipun, ash punya taste sgt picky. Crite2 yg dpt smbutan hgt pun ash mls nak layan. Ble ash membaca, yg ash kesan ialah keburukan dan bukan kebaikkan. I'm nice, but I'm also very judgmental and harsh.
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What made you write La Tahzan? What inspired you to write La Tahzan? And why utilise the Islamic/religion card? Just our of curiosity... seems hardcore ^^"

Hurm...that's a hard one.
I guess a big part of me writing La Tahzan is for a contest. It requires the entries to play with family and motivational theme. And I was like...why not incooperate Islamic themes in there? Considering Islam plays a huge role in our everyday life.
The storyline itself is quite...uh, normal. But I will be touching on issues that have been wavered in society. Things that Islam actually stressed abt but looked down in people these days.
Honestly, I am extremely nervous about this. Which explains me procrastinating (okay, scratch that. I'm just plain lazy) but hopefully, things will turn out okay. Insya Allah c:
May I know who you r? Pm me on aff ♥
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Adakah anda rasa yang IcebabyG itu comel dan berbakat dalam penulisan ? - anonymous

Amboi soalan.
Okay Ms Anon. (Awak pompuan kan?)
To me, Jia is a very cute, passionate and talented writer.
At times saya cemburu sbb Jia selalu ada idea utk fanfic baru sementara saya dekat sini pulak...Malas. Muahahahaha.
Okay, xlah malas sangat tetapi ttp mls. -.-
So konklusinya: Jia is a good writer. :)
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