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Your full name?

Nur Aisyatul Zafrika
Sarah Nur Zafrina
Allisha Nur Kirana
Take your pick...
You're going to be wrong anyways.
Why don't we just stick with Ash? C:

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Breathe, Ash, breathe! You need to go to bed right now haha. Be sure to prepare (or massage) your heart on the day of their comeback!

LavenderAlisa_19’s Profile PhotoAlisa
Akak! /breathes
They just released the concept photos and...and...
Jungkook DOES NOT look like he's 17!!! Oh my...his stare...oh no. /faints

I just heard that BTS teasers were already out. Looks like they'll be having their comeback sooon~~ //psstKookiepsst//

LavenderAlisa_19’s Profile PhotoAlisa
I went crazy unnie. Crazy.
Gambar jungkook baru keluar....oh my. Dark and Wild. Oh my

Ujian lisan? English or BM?

Dah nme pun lisan, mesti BM.
Klau Eng Oral.
Silap, tadi mock listening test, bkn oral. /shrugs/

PT3.. tetap akan tiba, tak kiralah Ash tengah raya atau tidak.

Esk jamuan raya peringkat sekolah.
Semalam trial ujian lisan.
Hari ini last trial for oral test.
Let me rest. Sheesh.


Oh, shut up. :p
Buat mse skrg, raya x hbis lagi

which one of your story do you treasure the most

daisy_alynna5’s Profile PhotoAlynna
Most definitely Reminicing Rose.
I mold the characters into life-like characters, and though they're no where near being one of those bubbly and unique characters, they are relate-able, and that is what I look for in fics.
I should be writing out stories that I find myself liking, my own genre.
What's the point of writing for people, when you yourself are not content, no? :)

Your biological sister? Or just in asianfanfics?

Just aff lol.
I'm the eldest btw, so I long to call others unnie. Hee

How to create a perfect character ?

Who are you anon? O.O
And why are you asking me this lol xD
In my opinion, a good character is made when the creator himself truly understands what he wants. Remember to balanced out the good traits and flaws. Let them have a back story, a tearful one, a normal one, you decided it yourself.
To me, the character that tells the biggest stories, is the one that we can relate to. :))

Lol yea, it's me. I forgot unticked the anon box last time haha. I made a typo too: 'no' is supposed to 'now' xD oh, I'm one of your followers //raises hand// are you one of mine?

LavenderAlisa_19’s Profile PhotoAlisa
I'm practically like a lost puppy when it comes to you. Hee.
Of course, ahahaa xD

No I regret not ticking the 'anon' box when I asked the prev question D: Ppl might think I view lily negatively T.T People, I don't have ill feelings towards her //bows//

First of all...
I'm confused now.
Is tht you akak? XD
Nah, they won't. You did mention how the idea is not a bad thing so it's going to be fine akak.
People rarely ask me qs btw, I only have like...6 followers.
Which reminds me: WHO ARE YOU GUYS?!!

No, I'm anon ~ :D THEN WHY YOU CHEATTTT WITH HIM??????? You said that Luhan was your first love then why you change you love to Baekhyun? OhMyGod! #Please-stop-the-cheating-thing

First love is the purest okay?
I wasn't even into EXO back then.
Luhan isn't really my bias...he just has tht top spot in mu exo list i supposed.
Besides, which part of I love Jeon Jungkook don't u get.
You are so Jia


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