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Wisdom!!!! I miss you 😫

I miss you too Anahy! we should plan sometime to hangout since I'm back 😊

Truth is I miss you and I'm glad I can always tell you stuff wisdom ily ❤️ thanks for always being there and I hope Elsie is going good niggggga. Text me fag

haillurr’s Profile Photohaille ✨
Anytime queer and I miss you too! And Elsie is ight I still prefer rancho tho and are you like drunk or something? Because you're being nice which is weird lmaoo

truth is: You're adorable ! cx &' you seem like a really nice person ! so you should hmu sometime ?(:

Thank you :) and Yee snapchat me wisdom234 haha

Tbh Don't talk to hai he's a faggot. I miss you so much ! We need to FaceTime and snapchat and talk like very day how we use to. Except you got too many baes you play too much ✌️ lol still ilysm an we still need to hang out ! You're the cutest ! (:

Hai said you're a queer and I don't have a "bae" hahaha and yeah let's FaceTime tomorrow bae :)


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