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I wish I could just talk to you like we use to and have so much fun and laugh like old times

It sounds like you have some good memories of someone good keep them you don't get many of them in life

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Is it okay for a girl to ask a man if he loves her??

Absolutely it is but to be honest with you you shouldn't have to ask that question his eyes should light up every time you enter the room there should be no doubt his feelings for you. Hope that helps and not make it worse

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what do you do when you are lonely

Any and everything you can to keep from remembering how big this planet is and how so alone you are

Heidy Valentina Gutierrez Garces, are you going to listen to the man you chose and do this TV show with him ? You don’t have to marry him but you should take the 90’s days and spend time with him before you decide. He’s done everything you ever asked of him and more. He stuck up for you vs the world

What planet are you from and what the hell or who the hell are you talking about

Lately ive been fuckin pissed off because everyone is sayong lil wayne spits raw.

Are you serious. WHO CARES YOU SHOULD be pissed at thing that matter like how our government is lying to us stealing from us making our whole country a joke taking our money and giving it to other countries and nationality s but refusing when we need it they all got there raises last time it was voted on where is the other check we was promised it was toted on several times they threw it out every time


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