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I love how papi JungYeop take care of Lovelyz images during performances i mean by providing bylayer skirt instead of make their sensitives part on public eyes. I hope in the future even for sexy concept, they'll not expose too much. In my own words; "Lovelyz anak2 solehah ya ?, aku bangga."

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honestly, some of y'all loveliness being delusional and downright despicable. i saw a lovelyz twitter account ( lovelyz fuse or something along those lines and some others ) accusing other groups of releasing comeback dates after lovelyz, claiming they are preventing lovelyz from blowing up. but

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As group friendship wise, i do think Lovelyz and Seventeen or Lovelyz and Monsta-X are comfortable around each other. Group collab or variety show tgt pls

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decision for them. She looks softer outside but she has a firm aura that people will listen to her nicely. She is Lovelyz flower with reasons. Stop hating her images, accept her just by herself and please respect every member as the way they are. Lovelyz are precious girls that deserve lots love.

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to the jeongin shippers, why do you ship them? no, seriously. because they can pull off being siblings and i don't think anyone will doubt it. doesn't it feel like incest?

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Can we have a reincarnation of Man In Love performance with INFINITE x LOVELYZ with the same pairing? and make Kim MinSeok to be a 8th member of INFINITE so he can be pair with Yein then they are complete as 8x8 pairs ? I want InfiVelyz perform tgt so damn much! ?

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Random thought, why Yein left JYP instead of continue be a trainee there? She could be one of the JYP 16th contestant back then & probably debut as TWICE member. LMAO ? But I Love LOVELYZ Yein the most ?

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want them to get their first win too because apparently woolim's new bg will only debut after they do so.

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admin Amy... where r u? :'(((

Hi, i'm here! Haha sorry for being so inactive bc im quite busy but admin Jia will be there for helping me to manage n keep update the confession acc :)

when u will comeback :'( I want to make a confession ?

hi! sorry for just notice?. yeah, u can send your confession anytime even in our hiatus time. it's okay. hehe BTW, we'll start to post things back sooner! kkk tq for ur support. ? - admin Jia

You should post about SM ARTISTS too, that way you get more confessions. Since SM and WOOLLIM is kind of a thing.

Is this a confession or suggestion for me? kkk hm okay so,actually i'm also sm stan but recently i'm not really into sm artists anymore and also bc there's alr one big(?) sm confession acc on ig :)
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