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can you please stop telling yourself that youre not beautiful YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL no matter what kind of flaws u have i might not know please, you are beautiful just the way you are, most importantly i would like u to know, you're effortlessly beautiful and u need to know that alright, cheer up mutual

thank you so much for the kind words xo but sometimes i just have got to accept the fact

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im sorry too and thank you ~ but please dont use harsh comments when you wanted someone to realise her mistake and use nice words instead that would help much more~ we dont know what theyre going through who knows what we say is going to double up the person stress ಥ⌣ಥ thanks again! have a wonderful 2016 ♡

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-she told me to stop fighting. I'm sorry if i overreacted. And she told me that thank you for getting inspired by her and she also apologized on my behalf. Hope you don't take it to the heart and if you still want to use that template, do feel free so. Since she has changed hers and liked that one-

it is okay~ my fault too since i didnt tell her first.

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Okay I'm going to be honest with you right now. Since you think i'm her which i'm not, i'm actually just kind of her friend. And i stumbled upon your blog one day and noticed how it looks exactly like hers which made me angry. Honestly, i told her about it and how i confronted you about it and-

it is okay, who wont get angry isnt, if it happens to my friend too i would do the same

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You mohon SBP mana?

memula ktj sebab my mom ask to ㅠㅠ i taknak sebab i mmg yakin takkan dapat la sekolah tu sbb takdela pandai mana pun tapi ikut je hm pastu tk dpt, pastu buat rayuan kat sms selangor sebab kawan ajak masuk situ. senanya niat nak masuk sms batu pahat sbb sekolah tu baru bukak so chance nak masuk macam lagi senang

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