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Duuuudette, I need a chibi Gabriel so bad that I might as well die if it doesn't happen xD Pics would be provided in pm as it is a real person and I am not so sure he would be too delighted to see those randomly pasted on cheeky websites like this one xD But on the other hand maybe he would xD

I couldn't resist, I just had to do him!

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Announcement: I will draw you a chibi picture!

Seriously. And I don't want anything for it .
How does it work ?
Send me a question on my ask. Just write me a note what chibi character you want.
I need to know what the character looks like, so I need to ask you to send me a picture of the character - just link to an image (or more images) of the character! ( It it is your original character, please write down the information about the colour of his/her hair, eyes, etc.)
From the incoming suggestions I will chose one, which I will draw. The amount of suggestions per person is not limited! Do you have more than one favourite character? Feel free to send me more suggestions.
The suggestions can be sent anonymously. If you send a suggestion without a picture of the character - I'll delete it, so please, don't forget!
The chibi, I'll draw for you, will look like this:
Coloured figure without a background.
The suggestions may be sent until the midnight of Sunday, 1st of December.
I'll try to sum it up once more: Write a note into a question on my Ask, pick one character and include a picture of the character. I'll choose one of the suggestions, the others will be deleted. Don't be disappointed if you didn't win - there will by another chance soon!

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