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What do you think of n0tail as a player? Strengths and weaknesses?

He is very passionate and a really good person to have around in a team. Sometimes he can be stuck on an idea even though it may not be that good at the time being.

Didn't you or someone else give that same whole "We're a stable team looking to future events and not just upcoming ones" with Na'Vi.US, what was up with that

Some unforeseeable things happened and people just weren't so mature then. Times have changed and people grow up. Also I have never had an issue with brax

Do you think NA and EU are going to be more seperated from eachother when it comes to online tournaments and qualifiers now when NA got a pretty established scene with new teams like coL, DC, C9, Archon?

I believe so. Playing with ping disadvantage at this level is also not good for either team. I don't think a region lock is a bad idea.

in your opinion you need a good middle player ?

I think brax is a very good mid player, he just has some bad habits that will go away with time

In your opinion, why league of legends still more popular than dota?

Smaller learning curve and i think any computer can run it.

You had a pretty long break from playing at the professional level. Are you rusty at all and if so is there anything special you are doing to train?

I play as much dota as i possibly can, it's the only way to get back in form.
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Whats the main thing that differentiates between a mediocre captain and a really good captain?

Control in the game and mental stability. A captain should have the ability to unite the team as well.

What do u think of s4s return to Alliance? He left because he saw no future and now he is back with the (nearly) identical team. Somehow I have the feeling is that he dreads the secret "everyone has an ego" experience and wants to be in a comfort team where everyone is like a family and respects him

S4 really shines in his comfort zone. This new alliance is the perfect team for him to do what he wants even if he can play with some super all star team.

what are your expectation from new patch ?

I think this patch still has a lot of hidden gems and i would like to keep playing on this one. But for new patch i would expect a nerf to the Suicide mechanic in general.

Was it a conscious decision when you decided to go with an NA team? I imagine that it wouldn't be very hard for you to get on an EU team or the new LGD.int squad, seeing how you're one of the very few players who have actually been on a team in all 3 scenes (EU, NA and chinese).

Yes it was a conscious decision, I had a lot of offers to join many different top teams after ti5 , even had quite a few Euro players i respected who asked to be a part of my new NA team. I could have just joined a team with 4 well known players who would have been socially acceptable but that goes against everything i want to do and have learned over these past years.

do you play any other games other than dota that you enjoy?

i play hearthstone sometimes, a lot of irl board games are fun for me

Do you think someone improves more by spamming a certain hero or by analyzing their mistakes and playing whatever hero seems like the right choice every game?

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For the short term, spamming a hero is best. For example if you just want to get good fast. After you think you have mastered something you can slowly move on to the next hero

What's your take on reddit and the whole circlejerk/hate dynamic that's been quite well illustrated with the C9 announcement ? Does it bother you, do you try to ignore it or do you just not care ?

To me it was very much expected. Actually the whole reaction was as i depicted so there really isn't much for me to think about. It is a little saddening since naturally everyone wants to see good things said about them but i understand peoples perspective. I'm not saying they are not right with what they are saying but should spend a little time understanding the perspective of the players and the organizations a bit more.
Coming in to the cloud 9 fanbase would have been very difficult for anyone who wasn't already a part of C9 before, on top of that switching from a euro team to an NA team was just a recipe for disaster when it came to the reaction of the public. I think the fact that no one really knew(no announcement) that the previous C9 team disbanded on their own will and went their own ways probably influenced the uproar a little as well.
I have a really good idea on how to make this work and i tried to help others understand it in my blog but people don't enjoy all the fluff , get right on to all the fiend and forget everything else. But I have my reasons why i chose each individual and what they can bring to the table, it's just a matter of time before its shown.
To answer if it bothers me, slightly, but in a more positive way. I want to show why i made this decision and have justice for my team.

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You've been a support since what, TI5? Gimme your all-time top 5 supports. Who do you think about when you think "hey, this is how support should be played"



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