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What does Puppey think about the puppey pause meme

I don't think hes a big fan of it being a thing. Especially since he didn't actually puppey pause or something

Didn't you or someone else give that same whole "We're a stable team looking to future events and not just upcoming ones" with Na'Vi.US, what was up with that

Some unforeseeable things happened and people just weren't so mature then. Times have changed and people grow up. Also I have never had an issue with brax

Do you think NA and EU are going to be more seperated from eachother when it comes to online tournaments and qualifiers now when NA got a pretty established scene with new teams like coL, DC, C9, Archon?

I believe so. Playing with ping disadvantage at this level is also not good for either team. I don't think a region lock is a bad idea.

in your opinion you need a good middle player ?

I think brax is a very good mid player, he just has some bad habits that will go away with time

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