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How did you cope with a family pet passing away. If you ever had one 😊

NineGDxFour’s Profile PhotoScorpioQueen™
I've never had a family pet pass away , I don't remember anyone in my family actually really having a pet honestly. Just my sister's kids they have a cat named Princess who they had since my niece was 1 and she is now 19 and til this day they still have the cat. They also had a dog named Oreo , but left the door open and he ran away , So I'm guessing that doesn't count lol.

Why are you women so shy on here?

It's not that women are "shy" on here , it's the fact that people can't respect women enough when they tell people not to be perverted or disrespectful.

Do you still have the same phone number since always ?

I changed my phone number about two years ago or a little less. I may change it again due to immature people calling me blocked and from take numbers being annoying.

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Hey guys I'm back for a little to answer some questions. been offline for almost about two weeks now , I'm still going through a lot personally. but spam me with questions , also not sure how this new update really works lol so give me a little insight if possible ❤️

What if your fiancé gives you a fake ring?

It's materialistic. A Fake ring means nothing when the love is real.


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