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do you miss any seniors from last year?

Boy hahah, Dylan, all the people from my warren tech class, Cheyenne, honestly I cant think of names right now but those are a few I'd like to see again

madi and her new boyfriend seem happy. he also seems to have a 2003 emo hot topic core haircut. thoughts?

Oh lordy haha the onslaught of Madi questions. You know honestly I've never had a problem with Dylan, I've thought of him as a really good friend for a long time and that haircut fits him pretty well so I got nothin lol

Are you happy with your success so far in TNH?

Holy shit yeah! This is absolutely astounding to me. I've never been so happy with how a band has been going and I can't wait for it to gain popularity and go farther :)

Are you a traveler or a homebody?



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