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Opinion on Justin Bieber's dreads?

literally who cares
cause i don't

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Trump or feeling the Bern?

i like bernie because he's literally our best shot but i'm not really feeling the bern it's more like room temperature

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What are you looking forward too?

april 6 because thats when wattpad is gonna start featuring before i loved you!!

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If you could be in any music video, which one would it be? (Thank you to whoever submitted this question!) (Apologies from the anonymous squad for lack out questions!) (Happy Valentine's Day if you celebrate!)

that one max schneider music vid when he was doing that fight stuff and got a mohawk like damn

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good book recommendations?

we need to talk about kevin is the best book ughhhh everyone read it

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What is your favorite dessert/treat? Is it store bought or homemade? c:

i fucking love gingerbread cookies but i havent had a chance to make them vegan yet so we'll see how that goes

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What celebrity pair would make an ideal couple?

amandla and rowan pls

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your bedroom is so organized *-*

it's almost april and i still have it decorated for christmas yikes

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What do you like to do in your free time?

idk but in april my free time will consist of writing for hours a day bc elle convinced me to do camp nano rip me

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Favorite actress with brown/ black hair?

daisy ridley oml

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Are you still friends with the group chat?


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Recommend one song that you think everyone should listen too (can be old or new).

fuck probably hungry like a wolf - duran duran??

or movin out - billy joel

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Who was your first crush in high school?

damn i'm not sure probably some dude that looked like he could be a knight

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im sorry if this is too personal u dont have to answer this at all but i was wondering what changed ur mind about kids bc i remember a while back u said that u wanted nothing to do with them at all

idk! i just started to be around kids/babies more and realized i really liked them. like i honestly did a whole 180, going from not having kids to wanting them really early (i want to at least have one kid by like 25) i guess my perspective changed on stuff

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What are some of your life goals?

i have a lot, tbh. like i'll be a realist here i know not all of them will actually happen but hopefully a few will

1. run a marathon
2. write a pilot for a tv show and have said pilot air on actual tv
3. get on the amazing race
4. see brittney spears in las vegas (yes that is a life goal fight me)
5. have children (infertility runs in my family and there's a large chance i won't be able to have kids from that + my body being fucked up from my eating disorder so HUGE life goal)
6. become a model for aerie
7. become a model in general (i'm actively trying to do more cardio rn because i'm way too muscular to become one now but yikes)

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movie recommendations please? :-)

-we need to talk about kevin
-the rocky horror picture show
-west side story
-edward scissorhands
-literally all star wars movies
-all harry potter movies too
-and all lord of the rings movies
-warm bodies
-world war z
-sky high (the best disney channel original movie u can fight me on this)
-if i stay (its so sad get out)
-pulp fiction
-django unchained
-kill bill
-ok literally all quentin tarantino movies
-jurassic park
-jump in (ok also one of the best disney channel original movies)
-and wendy wu homecoming warrior
-the breakfast club
-sixteen candles
-13 going on 30
-bring it on
-what if (literally my favorite rom com it's with daniel radcliffe and adam driver)

ok thats all i can remember

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sorry if it sounded creepy but bc like a couple answers below your last you mentioned it

ohhh lmao that's fine dw about it

sorry u couldnt go :(

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omg that answer about why you don't like clinton is literally EVERYTHING i've been trying to tell my friends since forever haha. couldn't agree more. she's so flip floppy and politically manipulative it makes me crazy.

my sister is voting for her and i'm livid oml. she's literally the textbook definition of a nasty politician

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wait you're going to fall out boy ??? where ??? I was gonna go but then my friend ditched me so I don't have a ride and bc even though I'm 16 I don't have time to get a license / take the class and ugh. I'd already bought the tickets too and they were great

yea with malak on sunday in minneapolis but how do u know this lol

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Besides vegan do you have any other things you don't consume? Like are you gluten free

not gluten free! i love my whole grains including whole wheat

though i rarely eat added sugar (only as a treat) and i don't consume oil

i also rarely eat other high fat plant foods like nuts and seeds

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law 31?-'bbhjbvvvvbb????!!!???? LAW 31??!?!@18)/92$729

omg don't remind me. i totally need to finish that but now cruel animals is my #1 priority so maybe when i finish that i'll start writing law 31 again

in the meantime go read cruel animals

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Which friends have you kept throughout the year and which ones did you leave in 2015?

this question is so shady lol

i mean i guess i just kept the friends that i kept in contact with and that didn't do any shady stuff to me?? daven of course because if i left her then who would i talk about drag race with duh (no jk, she's my wife) and malak and i are still tight (and we're going to fob together in march!) also fatima (love of my life) jeannie (i'm visiting her in a few weeks) and others, who should know who they are

i'm not going to say who i left in 2015 lol. i'm sure they know who they are but idk if we were even friends in the first place.

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I asked Daven the same question but who are your favorites from the cast of season 8 of drag race? Love you! :*

ily too!

so far my favorites by far are dax (actually the love of my life) and naomi (FLAWLESS) but i also really like bob, kim chi, and laila mcqueen (which i now call mcqueeb because daven made a typo and i still think it's the funniest thing ever)

also acid betty's looks are phenomenal but i'm not sure about anything else yet?? and i just rewatched naysha's mtq and i think shes so sweet and endearing so i also really like her????

haha daven i gave a more detailed answer than u suck my ass

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thoughts on the pillowtalk music video??

haven't seen it yet

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@itstaytayxx asks, "What drives you crazy mad?”

sjws and slow drivers

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