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wtf is wrong with that person? haha I bet their some fat ass behind a stupid little screen trying to make hispanics look bad, and make his ugly 'america pride' look top notch but whoever they are need to grow some balls and take it off anon. Latinos do it better anyway so Go hate somewhere else! (;

Haha! XD People these days Act so Bad Behind Screens, But wont say anything to someones Face :] We should throw green apples at them

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Rap nigga rap Nigga

I Don't feel like Thinking Lml
I Play Basketball
Not B ball
But When Beto Shoots
He Misses the Free ball
I'm a Child Prodigy
I'm not denying it
I Almost Fail Biology
But I'm not even Trying it
I'm Every where Search me up
Looking in the Floor
See Sandy Needing a Help up
I Might sound Cocky
Coming up my Mind
Boy you Suck Dick
Not Even Worth my Time
DANGG! Haha! :D

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