Ask @x_kimberlydiego:

What is your opinion of love? Is it permissible for them to do what they want, or are there red lines that they shouldnt skip?

There's definitely red lines you or your partner shouldn't cross. Specifically, should be discussed about during the talking stage because some are obvious to others, while some aren't & could prevent wasting each other's time.

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What secrets do you have that you hide from the world?

Its not that I was hiding it from the world, but it wasn't something I could talk about before I'd start crying. Which was I had a miscarriage before my first born child. I've never been heartbroken before, but even if I did, nothing could prepare me for that kind of hurt. I just knew I never want to go through that again. I suggested we (my man & I) not be together & go back to being bestfriends. I even packed my stuff, but he unpacked it. He made sure I never felt alone as much as I thought I wanted to be alone. He too, was hurting from this & selflessly, I couldn't leave him at a time like this either. So we comforted, talked, cried & healed with each other. <3

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