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3 AM thoughts 🌚

When it's 3am and you can't sleep, open your window or step outside your house. Feel the crisp, cold air on your skin. Take a deep breathe and watch as your create clouds when you breathe out. Look at the dark blue sky that sits above your head and marvel at how beautiful it is. Try to find the moon and the stars that guard the night sky. Whisper all your uncertainties out into the universe, it's okay if you let the stars carry the weight of your worries for a while. when it's 3am and you can't sleep, make a mug of coffee, grab a pen and paper and write all the things you wish you could say in the form of a letter and address them to the people you wish you had the courage to tell. When you're done, seal them in an envelope and keep them in the drawer of your bedside table. Maybe one day you'll show them the words you wrote but for now, it's out in the world and that's all that matters. When you start to shiver, step back inside. When your hand starts to cramp, stop writing. When you crawl back in bed and try to sleep, I hope you feel a little lighter 🍻

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"I can't cheat my parents" is the best reply one can give 👌 Hats off!

Idk why I get this so much. The point is 'You think he will be there for you through every thick and thin ? The one who left his parents (who brought you in this world and taking care of you since day one) just cause of you. If he can leave his parents so who are you to him ? People need to understand this.

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+2 answers in: “yar i dont understand you look so pretty why you still single? it breaks my heart”

Anything you want to tell the world?

It's okay if you don't know what to feel, if you don't know what you want and if you can't figure things out as you go. It's okay to not want something you worked so hard on getting...after realizing it wasn't what you thought it was. It's okay to change your mind, to make mistakes, to walk away from someone you once loved...from something that once meant the world to you. It's okay, because this is your life, your cause, your body, your beliefs, your mind, your heart, and your feelings, and you don't need validation from no one, other than you, and I hope it doesn't take you a lifetime to realize that.

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