Ask @xalisabethx:

So I'm 17 and my boyfriend just turned 18. Does that mean we have to break up until I'm 18 too? People were telling me our relationship is illegal but that seems unreasonable since we're still so close in age

no don’t even listen to this them cause i’m about to turn 18 and my boyfriend is turning 17 on the 28th and really it depends on where you live really cause for me in the state of texas you can date someone 4 years older than you and it’s not illegal. plus it’s not that bad of a age gap so don’t listen to people.

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When you're super busy do you still find time to go on ask ?

yes as of right now it’s final week and we’re doing exams and stuff and i’m doing like very old work to help me with my grades cause i’m failing most of them which is crazy cause a lot of people have gone from being a A and B student to now just being okay with a 70 or higher but will get though it

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??What would you say to your young self and why?

cut yourself some slack cause you give yourself so much shit that you do not deserve and you deserve to treat yourself better than what you give yourself. yes there will be time that you have your moments and you might think your world is coming crashing down but in the end it’s all worth it and you will get through it cause you already have and your doing an amazing job right now with having the love of your life right by your side helping you along the way and showing you what real love is and how to love yourself when you didn’t know how and when you didn’t know you were going to find love at the end of it all and someone who loves you inside and out who loves your body when you didn’t who loves your crying face when you don’t who loves your morning face when you don’t and someone who overall loves you for you who can make you smile even when you cried your heart out and your biggest fear is losing them but they reassure you everyday that they are yours and you are theirs and their not leaving you at all. keep your head up cause trust me you are getting there even on the hard days. keep going love you got this.

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How do you know you're in love?

the time will come if all you been through was hurt and pain your time will come i promise. i went through hell and back thinking that i was never going to find the love of my life and soon enough he has been in my life all this time. so don’t give up cause your time will come with the right person and you will know trust me. sometimes you have to go through the pain and suffering to get where you will. just keep your head up.

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