Ask @xalisabethx:

What is the last thing you do before bed?

this whole week made me realize something. i give props to teen moms. like yes kids can be fun especially if your the one that gave birth. like this week was a hell of a week like taking care of my niece and doing all the things you need to do to care for her. my arms are so sore from holding her in the pool and playing with her in the pool. and it made me realize like teen moms go through a lot and plus some teen moms are still in school and trying to finish. but yeah i just wanted to say that. i will not be having kids anytime soon in a good couple years.

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You have an opportunity to make one person absolutely happy, but not yourself. Who

my favorite person. i’m always referring him as my favorite person cause he is. but his name is mike. and if i could just have one day to spend with him and make him happy before he leaves and when he leaves then i’ll be happy. but for now i’ve been just in my feelings and kinda upset about the fact that he will be moving and it just sucks cause i only met him this year.

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