I have never been in a fight. Sorry for the questions 😥

haha your good. what are you a goody goody?

Not really just been lucky to not have had to fight.

mhm. sometimes you got to do what you gotta do.

That’s true!!! That’s why I’m curious I guess

yeah fighting isn’t all that fun trust me. let’s your anger out but not fun.

Yeah I can understand. But that’s cool you can defend yourself.

yeah always.

How many girls have you fought that went limp?

hell if i know.

Oh damn. Idk limp sounds scary hahaha

haha yeah i guess

Were some of the girls laying in weird positions?

i have no clue.

Were the girls limp laying on grass, concrete, etc?

hell i fought people in all kinds of places.

That’s awesome!!!! Where was the coolest place you fought?

there’s never a favorite place to fight.

Oh. So like what are some places you fought at?

school, parks, the streets, places like that.