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Alexander Lopez
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How do you deal with the lame haters?

Love them

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?Do you find a meaning for your life

I have a million reasons of meaning for my life, but in the end of the day, I just want to live it to the fullest. Fall in love, learn something new, fail and know I gave it my all, succeed and keep raising the bar, flirt with the prettiest girl at the bar, dance till I can't feel my legs, have that one drink we all know we shouldn't have had, laugh so hard I cry, get punched in the face, punch someone in the face, jump out of airplanes, boats, bridges, feel the sun on the sunniest day, have a snowball fight in the dead of winter, raise a family, skate very damn day, make a lasting impression. You see, everything has meaning, everything gives you life, thats my reason for it, the ups and downs, the happiness and sadness. Life is a rollercoaster, enjoy every second of it, cause it goes faster than you can imagine.

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What did you get when you connect to ?

"You are a great example for others."

or a virus...

but ill take the compliment ^__^

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лох лохх

Ich wünsche mir dass ich das verstehen kann :(

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Ahhsuh dude ✌️

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Hallo from Greece❤️

▲Ρενα Πεσχου ❗️

Hello from new yorkkkk 👋🌆🗽🚀

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Pap of your Monday nigh.

Since I caught a cold in the middle of finals, my Monday's for reading and sleeping early 💯🔜💥

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Who is the most beautiful woman?

My mom. she is hands down the strongest, most beautiful woman I've ever met, she's the biggest inspiration in my life 💛 (that's me 20 years agoo)

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What's a good show to binge watch on Netflix?

Peaky blinders :0 so good

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Best job you ever had.

Working at askfm. I loved everyday I was theree, so many awesome people and learned a tonn. Oh! and I got to live on the west coast officially a #caliboy

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What is your favorite lie?

I don't dance salsa... Boom, then we're on the dance floor like

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It's Friday night and I plan to ______!

Well my Friday's coming up in 2 days! ( in New Zealand I'm in the future) 👀 but my Friday night will consist of 36 hours of travel back to the states ✈️✈️ and followed by a 26 hour trip back to Moscow Russia. Can't wait 💃💃💃

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Do you think it's important that your selfie present an idealized image?

Paul Greyson

I think my 80 year old self will appreciate it 👴

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Did it go down?

It's still going down

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What was your highschool like? Describe it without emotion!

Wake up, have an incredible day, sleep, repeat.

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It's weekend. What's the plan?

Is abouta go downnn

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PAP of the best thing ever.

What's one thing you tried to like, but simply cannot?

One time I tried not being optimistic for a day... Never again.

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What is your favorite motto or saying?

Handshakes are for strangers, give me a hug lad.

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Show us your tuxedo


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Smell mop

Smell mop who??

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Is it safe?

Only one way to find out...

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