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Honest opinion of me?

VickyGee95’s Profile PhotoVicky
I think your really pretty, an amazing singer/songwriter/guitarplayer etc. I think your music is really meaningful and you don't just write meanlingless crap :) I love your D.T shop and drawing skills and so I shall kidnap you and force you to do all of my D.T drawings for me (look forward to that) ;D and i just think your quiet and to yourself understandably and in Art we have some really fun conversations where i start to see the real you. My honest opinion of you is that your a really great, pretty person and I cant wait for you to grow more confidence and be as crazy as the rest of us are :) xxx

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florida isnt another country hunny bee its a city. GRACE WHAT SHOULD I ATTEMPT ON MY NAILS?! HELP MEEEEEE

I know that but if you say your musing to the U.S people don't know where cos its huge and so different in each state! Which Florida is btw, a State not a city ;D mehehe. Idk ahh I might do something with them today :) ermmm idk ... :O we could have matching nail designs if ya want abztaaa!!! Xxx

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