Ask @xiKyle:

Why do you get friendzoned a lot?

What I've started to realize with girls is that they're always looking for that "Nice Guy" that will treat them well and love them yet they leave these supposed "Nice Guys" in the friend zone. I'm just that guy sadly enough. I'm too nice to girls so they immediately think of me as a best friend.
But do you think I started talking to you to become best friends? I already have enough girl friends for fuck sakes. If you want a sweet nice guy then don't put them in the friend zone.

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Who are you? I see you hang out with cool kids yet you're such a nerd

I'm Kyle Allan. I love computers, comics, and anime. That's who I am and I will always be that way, no matter what anyone says, no matter how many friends I may possibly lose. Being a nerd is what I love, and I'm not me without it. So you can take me or leave me, just know that I wont change for anybody. My friends do not give a fuck about what I like, and neither should anyone else. Bye.

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Why did you quit league you were one of the best players at STA..

(This was mostly during the summer of Gr.8, and until about the end of semester 1 in Gr.9)
I played League until 5:00 in the morning every night during summer.
As soon as I got called by my parents I fucking lost it.
I would rather play League then hang out with friends or go to wonderland.
I developed a small form of carpal-tunnel syndrome in my left hand from holding the QWER keys for the whole day pretty much.
I got serious depression when I wasn't doing good in the game.
I got such bad eye strain I was getting nauseous and sick.
My eyes were bloodshot the whole entire summer from playing in the dark.
There were times I pretended like I ate already so I didn't have to go upstairs for dinner.
The game infected my life. And if I don't stop now, its going to consume me even more to the point where I lose sight of reality.
I'll ask you, do you think I should keep playing? Do you think I should keep playing a game that infected my life? A game that even affected my health?
I don't think so.

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