Ask @xiux_:

I'm not the only one who thinks it was jongdae on the background vocals in Psycho right?? That high note of "Game Over" and general crooning in the background is so jongdae but I want someone to confirm 😔😔

calling on queen @astronomatic the person i trust the most and this is the best quality audio i have for reference
honestly "game over" i can believe is baekhyun because it's processed and he can take on that quality sometimes. it's the voice at 0:44 where the first half of the line sounds like jongdae but the second sounds more like junmyeon which has me fucked lol. then again at 1:30-1:31 it sounds like it could be junmyeon!! and then 1:37-1:39 doesn't sound like baekhyun either.

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what do u think of people who dont stand during 'club time'? i mean its everyone's own choice and they can do whatever they want to but i feel like standing for a few minutes(and having so much fun) wont hurt anybody...

i don't think about them because it's very hard for me to relate. people have fun differently i guess! some people like to dance, some people like to take pics, some people like to sing. some people feel annoyed by people who dance, take pics and sing lol.

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